Marche Sangiovese IGT – Organic red wine – Italy


Marche Sangiovese comes from a selection of Sangiovese grapes (100%) from the Marche region, cultivated according to the rules of organic farming. The colour is ruby red, with slight violet legs.
The perfume is intense, vinous, similar to violet and ripe strawberry.
On the palate it is medium sweet, intense, pleasantly tannic, slightly bitter and harmonious.

English cardiologist William McCrea is a passionate supporter of resveratrol’s beneficial properties. This is a phenol present in the peel of various fruits that is credited with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and better blood circulation. Because of this, his patients were prescribed a 125ml wine glass of wine per day.

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Contact: Vino Eli.D- Mindelheim – Germany
Wine type: Marche Sangiovese I.G.T.
Denomination: Marche Sangiovese I.G.T.
Grapes: Sangiovese
Area: Marche – Italy
Company: Perlage (TV) – Italy
Best consumed within: 24 Monate
Storage: It is advisable to keep the bottle in a horizontal position in a cool, airy and dark place.

The tasting

Available format: 750 ml
Service temperature: 16 – 18 °C / 60,8 – 64,4 °F
Alcohol by Vol: 12%
Recommended glass: medium opening
Colour: Deep ruby red
Taste: Medium body and light tannic
Olfaction: Marasca cherry – blackberry

Food pairing

Perfect paired to main courses with meat sauces, mushrooms, chilly fish soup and matured cheese
It enhances the flavor together with roast beef and pasta with meat sauce. The combination of the Sangiovese with a nice grilled meat is certainly the best. Because the red wines go well with the aromas of grilled meat.
For Vegetarians and vegans, we recommend adding red radicchio or mushrooms to the risotto. Sangiovese Marche brings a remarkable touch of flavor and color to these first courses.

The cellar

Vinification: In Red
Sugar: 6 g/l
(These analysis values are mean values. Fluctuations between individual vintages are possible)

The vineyard

Harvest: Machine picking
Altimetry and exposure: 170 m ü.d.M
Floor: Lime and clay soil
Vineyards age: 15 – 25 years
Plantation system: Cordon spur
First year of production: 1999
Grapes: Sangiovese


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